How it began…

Photography has intressed me since I was a teenager. But at the time, it was not that easy, my budget was very limited and besides a camera, there also was the need of film rolls, and development afterwards. Just a quick look at the result, and delete if nessesary, like we do nowadays, was impossible back then.

With my cheap little camera, I preferably shot animal pictures: dogs and horses were my favorite models. But most of the timeI lost another illusion picking up my photo’s  afterwards…

In 2003 I bought my first digital camera. A compactcamera of which the quality can be compared with the cheapest smartphone of today, and the price with the newest model… But still, a whole new world opened up. Shooting pictures was unlimited and I could edit them and send or share them on the internet


… untill today

My camera was replaced several times. Nowadays, I’m a Canon-user, using a EOS 7d mark II. I followed some classes and joined a photography club.

I’m not a classical schooled photographer. I work on my feeling, from intrest and passion. Theoretically knowledge I got in courses, al the rest is experience and following my own path.

And, just like every form of art, you like it or not, you can see the creators message or you got a certain feeling with it …. Or completely nothing, but that’s personal for everyone.


Take a look at my portfolio, to see some examples of my work.


Annika Freson